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Take action today, safeguard your business and enable a faster recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest threat most industries have faced in a generation. Adapting, planning and preparing has never been more crucial.

With further lockdowns and more stringent restrictions on the horizon, we want to support you in taking the necessary actions to protect your business.


That’s why we have created the COVID-19 action pack - a collection of resources to help you safeguard your business, keep fighting for revenue and enable a faster recovery.

Whether you need to close your business provisionally, want to diversify your services or want to prepare for when your business can start trading again, our COVID action pack can help you do it in a robust, safe manner.

Our COVID-19 Services include but are not limited to;

  • Bespoke COVID-19 Training for your business (Awareness & Compliance Officer)

  • COVID-19 Response Plan Development or review/update

  • Response plan compliance checks

  • Retail secret COVID compliance checks

  • Others as required

Please contact us at for more information

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